Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Jasmyn by Alex Bell

Hi everyone, Yaz here and today I'm reviewing something a little outside my comfort zone.  Alex Bell is a new to me author and I've been wanting to read this book since I first read the blurb on Amazon UK.

Goodreads Blurb

A husband's sudden death leads a bereaved widow into a strange and mystical world that hides a deep secret

One day, without warning, Jasmyn's husband Liam dies of an aneurysm. Wrapped up in her grief, Jasmyn is trapped in a world without color, without flavor, without Liam. But even through the haze of misery she begins to notice strange events—things are not as they should be, and eventually Jasmyn begins to explore the mysteries that have sprung up after her husband's death. The mysteries turn out to be deeper than Jasmyn expects, and she quickly finds herself immersed in a magical story of swans, castles, and bones; of murder and a vicious battle between brothers; of a lost past and a stolen love.

My Review

Jasmyn is set in the modern world and Alex Bell has provided a backdrop of a familiar fairy tale - The Swan Princess, successfully woven through a rich history full of Kings, knights and ancient artifacts.

The story starts with Jasmyn, a young, married woman who is devastated with the loss of her husband, until she discovers secret trips, old friends turning up out of the blue leaving cryptic messages and she realises that there is more to her husband that she ever knew. As well as dealing with her grief over his death, she has to confront facts about her husband, her in-laws and herself that she has blindly ignored or overlooked. She sets off on a voyage of discovery with her brother-in-law - who seems to hate her, hoping to find what she has unknowingly lost and in the process to find herself.

Even thought this book was different to my normal UF/Pnr reads, I was quickly engrossed in the story and found myself feeling for Jasmyn and her pain. Her inability to face facts about her husband and his family was understandable to a point, but after a while I found myself getting annoyed with her blind loyalty towards her husband. I felt as if she thought she knew him so well, even better than his own parents and siblings and her anger towards them seemed petulant and unjustified.

The magic element was interesting. Though, I would of liked more explanation regarding Jasmyn's ability to sense magic. I wouldn't be completely honest if I said I loved this book, but I enjoyed the story and found it a refreshing and original spin on an old tale.

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