Friday, 6 January 2012

Kindle Blues

Like many Kindle lovers, I too have been guilty of treating my ereader - a much appreciated birthday present from my sisters - as a person, to the point of giving it a name. I settled on Precious because whenever I picked it up I felt like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings and never imagined that one day Frodo would succeed and the Precious would no longer be with us. Oh I worried I might leave it on the bus or in the coffee shop, but never thought that I would no longer be able to browse through my library and count how many books I had or gleefully download a pile of freebies from Amazon - which to be honest - weren't going to be read any time soon. Or do eeny meeny miny mo to decide which of my new releases I was going to buy first.

To my horror, the unthinkable happened and my Kindle screen wasn't working any more. I went through more emotions in that hour that I have in the past week! All I could think about was what could I have done to prevent the regrettable demise of my beloved Precious (cue hand rubbing and hissing) and how I was going to fix it.

Adding insult to injury my children didn't understand the depths of my sorrow, my teenager tried to keep a solumn face but I'm sure I heard laughter when my back was turned and my eight year old held a brief eulogy in honour of Precious but then I realised she too mocked my pain.

After googling the problem, it finally sank in that I was never going to be able use my Kindle again and that the screen damage was a fairly common problem. The comments spoke about how brilliant Amazon's customer service was and finally a ray of hope dawned and I went on a mad rummage trying to find the receipt to see if it was still under warrantee. After a brief panic, turning my bedroom upside searching for the elusive receipt, I finally found it downstairs and yes, I had a month left on my warrantee, oh joy!

I rang the Amazon customer service and was answered by a very cute Irish accent, I almost forgot why I phoned. Amazon were absolutely amazing and are replacing my Kindle, no fuss and all is right with my world again. I'm just hoping this one lasts longer and the only question left is, what I'm going to name Kindle mark 2?


  1. Which one did you get?

    I can't believe mine died at the same time as yours. There must be an elf carrying out Kindle sabotage.

  2. Kindle Keyboard, same as before. Lol, maybe our kindles had some sort of suicide pact. What about you? Did you go for the new kindle?

  3. Yes I had the 3G Kindle one before but I went for the new cheaper one in the hope that one day Kindle Fire will get released in the UK and I will get one of those. I bet that is a long time coming though seeing as we can't even lend Kindle books here.