Wednesday, 28 March 2012

FREE OR NOT TO FREE - Give Me by LK Rigel

Every day Amazon has hundreds of titles available as free downloads for the Kindle and not being one to pass up a bargain, (and what can be more of a bargain than a freebie) my Kindle is jam packed with these. But it's not fun wasting precious reading time separating ones worth reading. So I'm here to do the hard work so you don't have to - every week I'll be reviewing an ebook downloaded from Amazon free that week, hopefully if I can post my review quickly enough, it'll still be available. But be warned most are only available free for a limited time. Most of the ebooks will be Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance with the odd Mystery thrown in.

This week's review is of Give Me by LK Rigel. At the time of review this book was available free for download from Amazon UK, unfortunately it may no longer be free as most only are for a limited time. If you enjoyed this story, please support the author and check out the author's other books available at Amazon.

My Review

The thing that I loved most about Give Me was that the majority of the book was set in England and more specifically around Tintagel Castle, a place steeped in history and thought to have been the birth place of the legendary King Arthur.

This story is set in two very different worlds - the past, where magic is an everyday tool, with the royal witch, Frona and her two daughters. Frona is suffering from ill health because of an extremely powerful spell she's cast, angering the gods. And present day with Lilith who, after she is dumped by her boyfriend, decides to visit the place she has been dreaming of. There she meets Cade Bausiney, the future Earl of Dumnos, and they are overwhelmed with longing for each other. But these two worlds are on a collision course which will change Lilith's life, proving to her beyond a doubt that love transcends time.

I liked Frona, she's a strong, capable woman trying to bring up her daughters on her own while dealing with the demands of the royal family. Lilith in contrast is a quiet woman, a nurturer, who is always taking care of others and with no family of her own all her attention is lavished on her boyfriend. When she meets Cade she's not expecting the instant connection she feels and doesn't really know how to deal with it. Cade feels the same attraction to Lilith but his point of view isn't fully developed, though he does try to protect her when he realises she is headed for trouble.

The book switches points of views often, so it's not easy to tell who the villain is until halfway through, when the story slowly unfolds and the relationship between the two very different worlds becomes clear and there is an unexpected twist at the end. Though I enjoyed the story, I felt the romance between Lilith and Cade could of been developed a little more and the ending was confusing, I had to reread a few times to get the events straight in my head. I give Give Me 3 stars ***.

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