Wednesday, 18 April 2012

FREE OR NOT TO FREE - Eyes of the Cat by Mimi Riser

Hi everyone, this is the weekly segment where I review free downloads for your Kindle,  This week's ebook is Eyes of the Cat downloaded from Amazon UK.   (Since many freebies are only for a limited time, It may no longer be available free at the time of this review.)  If you enjoyed this story, please support the author and check out the author's other books available at Amazon.

My Review

Tabitha is a romantic at heart - she must be, though she considers herself a logical and practical woman and behaves as someone much older than her tender years - why else would she agree to be a stand in bride for her irritating charge? Obviously she has no intention of going through with it, just to give the reluctant bride enough time to escape with her lover. But she didn't contend with the bridegroom's weird family, who are determined to see him married, no matter whom the bride is.

Alan, said bridegroom, has no intention of falling into the arranged marriage his family has set up - he has no interest in Gabriella, the woman his family has wheedled/bribed into marriage. That is, until he sees his replacement bride making her escape via a convenient tree, now he can think of nothing he wants more. At least his new bride will keep him on his toes.

Tabitha is furious when she's trapped into a not -marriage with a Scottish Laird and no one mentioned he was half Commanche. With wizards, female outlaws, not to mention ghosts and even worse, a ghost cat only she can see, she has no intention of sticking around and seeing her logical world view smashed to smithereens.

Tabitha is fun and feisty and Alan is an old school romantic, though it's hard to spot under his tough exterior. He's a tad heavy handed with Tabitha, who's independant and headstrong and it feels as though he's trying to push her to fall in line with what he wants. As the story progresses it becomes apparent Alan's depth of feeling for Tabitha and he's worried that she will leave if she doesn't acknowledge that she feels the same.

I also enjoyed the banter between Simon and Kathy, both of them hiding their true identities while attempting to uncover each others secrets. I hope we get to see more of these characters in future books.

I loved this book and practically inhaled it. The characters are engaging and the story flows well, though I was worried the ghost as a villain would put me off. But it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the story at all. This book is a keeper for me. I give it four *.

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