Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow

Hi people, I got to tell you today I am very happy reviewer, as this is one of my favourite books from one of my favourite authors. Working for the Devil is the first book in the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow.

Goodreads blurb

Necromance-for-hire Dante Valentine is choosy about her jobs. Hot-tempered and with nerves of steel, she can raise the dead like nobody’s business. But one rainy Monday morning, everything goes straight to Hell. The Devil hires Dante to eliminate a renegade demon: Vardimal Santino. In return, he will let her live. It’s an offer she can’t refuse. There’s just one catch. How do you kill something that can’t die?

My review

Set in a futuristic society Working for the Devil throws you into a maelstrom of action, mystery and intrigue. Psionics and people with psychic abilities are feared and shunned by the general population. Dante is a bounty hunter and Necromance, one of the best. A loner, she tends to keep people at arms length and doesn't trust easily which is why her circle of friends is very small. Paranoia does that to a girl.

I loved the blend of sci fi, magic and mythology. The world building isn't overly complicated, and is easy to immerse yourself in. The bad guy, Lucifer is wet-your-pants scary and Dante's reaction towards him is palpable, even though her mouth tends to run away.

Dante is very real character, she is witty and sarcastic, but even though she is amazingly tough, she has a vulnerability that makes her human. Dante learns that there is much more to her mission that she's been told - the stakes are much higher than she could ever imagine.   Accompanied by the Dark Angel, Japhrimel, sent by Lucifer to ensure she completes it, regardless of the cost - Dante must face an old enemy and try to avoid the inevitable trap set for her.

Despite this being the first book of the series, it very much works as a standalone, too. There is a smattering of romance but if you're one of those people who have to have a happy ending, you may be disappointed. There are 5 books and the series is complete, and no waiting around for new releases, so get stuck in.

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