Monday, 28 May 2012

Blood Bound by Rachel Caine

P96It's not a good thing to have too much power, it can bring you to the attention of the kind of people who will manipulate and kill to control that power. In a world where names have power and the slightest drop of blood spilled can mean unwilling servitude or death, no one can be trusted.
The skilled are people who have special talents, whether it's teleporting, using shadows or tracking someone just by their names, the Skilled's power is coveted by many factions, who will go to any lengths to secure their services. They know your weakness and will use it before you even realise what is happening.

Liv knows this, heck she's lived through it. A powerful tracker, she is now bound to serve a man she hates to save the man she loves. A man she hasn't seen for 6 years. But when Cam, turns up with Anne, an old friend requesting help, she can't refuse. She is oath bound to help, an oath made in the ignorance of youth compelling each friend to come to the aid of the others, refusal is the prelude to a painful death. But in the process of aiding Anne, Liv discovers that the traumatic events from childhood have had a much deeper impact in their lives that she could possibly imagine.

Blood Bound is an new adult urban fantasy series by Rachel Caine, I haven't read much by this author before and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the world building, it reminded me of old school fantasy but with a contemporary twist. Liv and Cam both are great characters, Liv is willing to risk everything for the people she loves even though she feels betrayed and Cam is willing to go against his oaths to help her hoping that they could get back together despite the many obstacles in their way. The story is gritty, fast paced and kept me hooked from the beginning and the twist at the end was icing on the cake. A must read and a series I will be following in the future.

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