Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Teen Angst

As a long time reader I never thought the day would come when I would have to face any child of mine refusing to read.  This came somewhat as a surprise to me since she has been brought up around books and have many fond memories of browsing the bookshops and visits to the library together, well fond for me anyway, apparently cruel and unusual punishment for her.

After starting secondary school she seems to have drifted away from the written word,  unless it was homework or related to lessons.  Magazines figure largely as the only material she will voluntarily read, but that's probably due more to the poster size pictures of her favourite bands and the latest crush (definitely NOT Ian Somerhaulder, I'm told).

Anyway trying to encourage her to read has certainly been a challenge.   From Y.A, graphic novels and How To books I've tried everything - I even offered to buy her an ereader for her birthday but she said she would rather have the money.   To be honest giving up never occurred to me, I just needed to find her kryptonite.   

When reading aloud from the Twilight books (after all they seem to be teen catnip) in an attempt to suck her in was a bust, I had to resort to underhandedness.  She had mentioned wanting to see the Time Travellers Wife,  I quietly bought her the book and left it in her room, nothing more was said but I'm sure I have seen her surreptitiously reading it.  My job is done, that is until my contrary teenager finishes this book and the whole process starts over, meanwhile I'll just enjoy taking my youngest daughter to bookshops and libraries, after all she's still got a few years before being struck with the dreaded teens.

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