Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Feed your book addiction

If you are anything like me and blow your book budget the first week of every month, here are five alternative ways to stretch your money further or nab a free read. On the other hand if you don't have a book budget or minor concerns like food and bills, I have three words for you. I hate you.

  1. The library It might seem obvious choice but these days libraries offer a wider range of services, than just popping in to borrow a book.  Nowadays you can reserve a book (for a small fee), to ebook downloads-all online too.  You may still have to pop in to pick up your reservation though.
  2. Bookswap websites A bookswap site is useful for swapping a book you have read for something you want to read for the price of postage. One site I use often is They have a large selection and a variety of genres. Perfect for trying a new series or author without breaking the bank.
  3. Charity shops Lots of charity shops have a shelf dedicated to books, so it's worth taking a look.  Prices can range from £2.49 to 25p and you can support a great cause at the same time.  I have found many a gem for the fraction of the price. 
  4. Amazon UK Living in a small town has greatly stunted my shopping habit, Amazon has opened a world of online shopping for me. Their book prices are often cheaper than the retail price and if you're not fussy about the condition, they also sell used books at a much lower price. They have a free variety of Kindle books for free and often have special events where you can nab a bargain.
  5. Dedicated ereader apps These days a lot of people own a gadget, be it an iPhone, a tablet or a laptop. There are a wide range of apps available for your gadget that offer free ebooks. A few popular ones are Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and Stanza.

I hope these tips will help feed your book addiction, the rest is up to you, happy reading.

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