Friday, 12 October 2012

Nightside Series by Simon R Green

I first discovered the Nightside series at the library when I read  Walking in the Nightside, an omnibus of the first two books; I found the magical but frightening London described in the story surprisingly compelling and couldn't get enough.

In the Nightside its always 3.00 am and the impossible is possible,  we are show wonders and horrors beyond imagining.  It's a dangerous place where every vice is catered to...for a price.  Where gods live in temples in the street of gods,  but don't expect them to grant prayers;  you'll be lucky to survive. 

My Review
In the first book John has been away from the Nightside for five years, living in the real world. John is a P.I. with a paranormal gift which allows him to find anything and when he is hired by a desperate woman to find her runaway daughter, he is reluctantly pulled back to the dark heart of London .  

John is an all round good guy, though he occasionally has to make hard choices, he prefers to avoid violence.  His origins are a mystery,  his father is human and his mother - no one really knows - only that she's other.  With a plethora of other equally interesting characters each with their own back story, you'll want to read the series again.

These books are quick, lighthearted urban fantasy reads, though they can be violent at times.  The dry humor keeps you coming back for more despite the story being formulaic and a little repetitive.  There are twelve books in the series so far.  The first is Something From The Nightside.  This one of those series that you either love or hate, for me it's perfect as a filler between books.   Give it try and you may have discovered a new favourite.

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