Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering


Jess is a bureaucratic, a pencil pusher and if she has seen more action in the past week than she has in the entire time she's worked at the York Council tracker programme, it's just a coincidence. So what if she's been in the thick of things lately, there's no danger to her; the hunters do all the really dangerous stuff. Really, no ones trying to kill her, why would they? She's just a civil servant. The only dangerous thing in her life is her feelings for Sil, a vampire and everyone knows there's no future there. Vampires are annoying, arrogant and a relationship with one is an accident waiting to happen, but she's going to have to survive working with him to save the world.

My Review

Written in the first person and set in present time England in an alternative world where the supernatural others are an everyday reality, Vampire state of mind is light and fun read which I consumed in the space of an evening. I must admit I'm a sucker for UK based urban fantasy.  Maybe I'm biased and that's why I enjoyed it so much; it's different enough to interest jaded old me engrossing me completely that I lost track of time until the last page.

Jess's humorous outlook and constant state of denial makes her likeable character; how can you resist someone who uses Buffy as a how-to guide?  It just can't be done.
Sil is so annoying and snarky, I kept forgetting he's a vampire; he's seems so human at times especially when bickering with Jess.

I really enjoyed Vampire State of Mind and the author's writing style and will be checking out her other books too. I highly recommend you read it.

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