About Me

Hi I'm Yaz, long time book addict and sometimes blogger.  The first supernatural book I ever read was Wuthering Heights at the age of 11 and have been fascinated by things that go bump in the night since then.

My favourites are all manner of fantasy, sci fi  and  a smattering of pnr when I'm in the mood.
Favourite authors are Kim Harrison, Karen Chance, Ilona Andrews and Suzanne McLeod amongst many, the list is endless.

I also have a group on Goodreads called Girls, Guns and Grimoires which I started with my good friend Claire, come and join in our book discussions and buddy reads.

I'm usually a pretty easy going reader, I rarely leave a book unfinished and I normally take it as an overall experience rather that dissecting it. All the books I review are my own that I've bought, borrowed or swapped although I'm more than happy to review on request.

Please email me at yazsbooksnstuff@gmail.com